Our Client Quotes

“I was recently charged with a ridiculous number of erroneous crimes, and Mr. Brittenburg was my saving grace. His diligence and clear amount of attention he gave to my case really set him apart. I couldn’t recommend Mr. Brittenburg highly enough. I will absolutely be hiring him for all my legal necessities moving forward.”


“Very professional, well mannered, very educated, very friendly, knew his stuff. Rated a million plus.”

Marisol S.

“[Mr. Brittenburg] is not only very professional but extremely down to earth. He took the time to answer all of my questions, always promptly responded to any calls or text messages, and kept me informed of the case at all times. It’s quite obvious Mr. Brittenburg is passionate about his profession and genuinely cares for his clients and their futures. He ultimately got the case dropped which was the best possible outcoming and I could not be happier!”


“Mr. Brittenburg was very easy to talk to, straight to the point, and did not cut corners while working on a gun charge I received out of New Jersey. He made me feel comfortable and answered my texts and calls in a timely fashion when needed. He showed up when I couldn’t and got me answers to every question I had. I will most definitely recommend his services to anyone needing legal representation in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey area.”


“I came to Matt with a very tough case. I was lucky to have some friends who pointed me in Matt’s direction, and boy was it in the best direction I’ve ever taken. Matt was very caring and kind, listened to my story, and truly believed in me when many others wouldn’t. Overall, Matt saved me from years of imprisonment and really fought for me and helped me to be free!”

Patrick B.