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Claims of assault or domestic assault can lead to serious consequences for criminal defendants including: a criminal record, a potential period of jail time or court supervision, loss of child custody rights, and the loss of the right to own and/or carry firearms.

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Successfully defending against claims of assault may require multiple approaches. A good criminal defense will consider whether certain legal defenses like self-defense or mutual combat apply. Additionally, the context in which a dispute or confrontation occurs matters.

Too often, parties to a confrontation mislead the police by telling them only part of the story and not the full, true story. It is critical to develop an accurate and complete account of the events in question so that Brittenburg can conduct a proper investigation and prepare a defense.

Competently defending against an assault allegation requires a firm understanding of forensic science, what to expect out of a true assault, and whether the physical evidence supports or contradicts the complainant’s claims.

Matt Brittenburg has successfully tried dozens of cases involving simple assault, aggravated assault, strangulation, harassment, and unlawful restraint. As a former prosecutor, he developed the skills necessary to properly investigate and defend against such allegations and protect your legal interests. Contact Brittenburg Law today to get a free legal consultation!

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