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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are those that include: drug delivery, manufacturing a controlled substance, possession with the intent to deliver a controlled substance, knowing and intentional possession of a controlled substance, acquisition of a controlled substance by fraud, conspiracy, drug delivery resulting in death, corrupt organizations, and Pennsylvania’s wiretap law.

What We Do

Capably representing a person charged with drug offenses requires a nuanced approach. Some persons charged with possessory offenses suffer from drug addiction or a substance abuse disorder which may compel drug seeking behaviors. Matt Brittenburg has a strong grasp on the reality of life for individuals suffering from drug addiction issues which helps him to guide clients and protect their legal interests, while helping them to potentially seek treatment and assistance, wherever plausible.

A more aggressive approach may be required when the drug offense involves more complex issues, substantial quantities of drugs, large sums of currency, and the client faces serious penalties. Sentencing guidelines can call for substantial time periods of jail time, regardless of whether the client suffers from a substance abuse issue or not.

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