Criminal Defense

Expungements and Pardons

A person who wishes to clear a criminal record will face obstacles with which an experienced legal counselor can assist.

The first step in determining whether a person is eligible for relief is to identify the method by which they can proceed. Certain offenses are eligible for expungement, which means that a court orders various law enforcement entities and agencies to erase your criminal record. Some offenses that are not eligible for a full expungement are eligible for a process called “sealing,” or limited access. This approach has the effect of preventing your criminal record from being viewed by certain parties and can be extremely beneficial to a person attempting to limit access to their criminal record. If an offense is not eligible for expungement or sealing, the person may seek a pardon, in which the governor sets aside your criminal conviction.

What We Do

Each of these processes have technical obstacles and complexities, but Brittenburg Law can help you to put your best legal foot forward.

In some instances, you may be entitled to relief for certain forms of expungement and sealing. In other instances, we may have to litigate the request for expungement or advocate zealously for a pardon.

In either respect, the process of applying for an expungement, sealing, or pardon is time consuming, but beneficial. A person who obtains relief through expungement, sealing, or a pardon can benefit greatly. They may enjoy new job opportunities, forms of career advancement, restoration of their right to own and possess firearms, the ability to obtain a concealed carry permit for firearms, and the ability to obtain certain professional licenses for business.

An expungement, sealing, or pardon will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your worst moment will not forever define you. Contact Brittenburg Law today for additional help.

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