Criminal Defense

Firearms Offenses

Firearms offenses in the state of Pennsylvania can involve a number of possible cases include, but is not limited to:

  • carrying a concealed firearm with proper license

  • carrying a firearm on the streets of Philadelphia

  • possession of a firearm by someone who is prohibited to possess a firearm

  • misrepresentation on a firearm purchase application

  • …and more

Additionally, if you have been involuntarily committed or voluntarily committed to mental health facilities, you will lose the privilege to possess and carry firearms.

If you are charged with a firearm offense, or have been committed, you may lose your right to possess and carry firearms. Contact Brittenburg Law for help to restore your rights!

What We Do

When it comes to involuntary or voluntary mental health commitment, this disability does not mean you will need to permanently lose your privilege to possess and carry firearms. With the assistance of expert witnesses, we may be able to demonstrate to a court sufficient evidence to justify the restoration of your right to possess and carry firearms.

Occasionally, persons referred to mental health facilities will agree to voluntarily be committed for a period of time. These voluntary commitments do not automatically disable a person from carrying or possessing firearms, but under certain circumstances they can result in certain disabilities. Contact Brittenburg Law if you were voluntarily committed and are being informed that you no longer have the right to carry or possess firearms for legal guidance regarding your rights and options.

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