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Internet Crimes

Specialized knowledge is critically helpful to adequately defend yourself against a claim that you used the Internet in the commission of any kind of crime. At the outset, the government may allege that an online account associated with you, a family member, or a close associate was used in the commission of an offense. Understanding the nature of different social media platforms from an evidentiary standpoint, Brittenburg Law can assist you by identifying the types of evidence that the government may obtain and the manner by which they may obtain data online.

What We Do

In a digital age, the Internet and electronic devices have become instrumentalities in nearly every kind of crime. Digital devices and electronic data are relevant in drug offenses, theft, violent crimes, drunk driving, vehicular offenses, harassment, and more. Thus, a firm knowledge of the way in which evidence can be located is important to understanding what the government may or may not find and, importantly, whether the government has missed important exculpatory information.

Brittenburg’s Expertise

As a former prosecutor responsible for overseeing investigations and prosecutions of internet crimes, Matthew Brittenburg is familiar with the types of offenses and the manner of investigation that can, and should, occur. He has authored manuals teaching the law surrounding digital evidence searches and the way in which the government may and may not search for and seize digital evidence. His background in these areas of complex and developing law enable Brittenburg Law to identify valuable Fourth Amendment issues. Violations of your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures can result in critical evidence being suppressed and, potentially, charges dropped or dismissed.

Brittenburg Law has successfully litigated digital evidence issues concerning computers, cell phones, social media, and messaging applications. As a former prosecutor Matthew oversaw the investigation of hundreds of these types of cases. He has received training from nationally certified electronic forensics laboratories, including advanced courses presented by the Secret Service. His experience and training allow me to remain on the forefront of search and seizure issues related to Internet crimes.

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