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Sex Crimes

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, sex crimes offenses carry incredibly harsh penalties. Those accused of sex crimes face significant periods of incarceration (jailtime), financial penalties, and the requirement to register as a sex offender (see: Megan’s Law or SORNA) for a period of decades or up to the rest of the offender’s life.

Offenses in this general category range from alleged verbal harassment of a sexual nature all the way to rape.

If you are accused of a heinous offense such as these, speed is of the essence to protect your rights, build a defense and protect your freedom.

What We Do

It is critical that Brittenburg conduct our own investigation to identify important pieces of evidence that could help exonerate the accused. To defeat a false claim, you need to face it head on. It may be necessary for Brittenburg to conduct our own forensic extractions of digital devices to preserve important, exculpatory information that shows you are not guilty. Failing to preserve that important evidence early on may lead to the government getting it from you and attempting to limit your ability to access this important data. Discovering and obtaining surveillance video can also be incredibly important to protecting your rights. Finally, we may need to locate witnesses quickly, obtain statements, and preserve them for the benefit of ensuring that witness’s memories are accurately recorded.

The government increasingly relies upon digital evidence to convict people of these types of crimes. It is critically important to understand the relationship between digital evidence, search and seizure law and criminal procedure in order to protect your rights from illegal searches of your digital devices.

In some cases, competently defending these types of cases requires a wide variety of potential approaches. Offenders may need to secure treatment to avoid recommitting an offense again. Courts view cooperation with treatment and therapy as a mitigating factor which may lead to leniency in sentencing. It may be necessary to connect with therapists who can help alleged offenders develop coping strategies. While the government may allege that a particular person is dangerous to the community, well trained expert witnesses can help sentencing judges understand the low risk that a person actually presents to the community.

Brittenburg’s Expertise

Matthew Brittenburg has authored manuals teaching the law surrounding digital evidence searches and the way in which the government may and may not search for and seize digital evidence. His background in these areas of complex and developing law enable him to identify valuable Fourth Amendment issues. Violations of your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures can result in critical evidence being suppressed and, potentially, charges dropped or dismissed.

Mr. Brittenburg has successfully litigated digital evidence issues concerning computers, cell phones, social media, and messaging applications. As a former prosecutor I oversaw the investigation of hundreds of these types of cases. I received training from nationally certified electronic forensics laboratories, including advanced courses presented by the Secret Service. My experience and training allow me to remain on the forefront of search and seizure issues related to Internet crimes.

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