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Child Protective Service Investigations

When the government alleges that a parent, guardian or person responsible for the welfare of a child has engaged in behavior that constitutes child abuse, the government may seek to label that person as a child abuser on the child line database. People accused of child abuse in the civil context still face very serious penalties and consequences including restrictions upon different types of employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, adoption and foster care, as well as social stigma and indirect social consequences.

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Zealous defense is needed to properly defend against child abuse allegations. Matthew Brittenburg has worked on hundreds of child welfare investigations as a lawyer for a child welfare agency in Pennsylvania. As defense counsel he has successfully defended individuals accused of child abuse and assisted them in clearing their names.

When child welfare agencies allege that a parent does not fulfill their obligations to safeguard the welfare of his or her child, the agency may institute dependency proceedings. Parents may temporarily lose important rights when dependency proceedings occur. If a court adjudicates a child “dependent,” it can lead to the child welfare agency eventually filing a petition to terminate parental rights. If the government is successful in such a hearing, the parent loses their parental rights permanently.

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